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Hormeta.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) is an e-commerce website accessible via Internet. It is open to all users of the network (hereinafter referred to as “Internet Users”).

The Site enables HORMETA S.A. to offer cosmetic goods for sale (hereinafter referred to as “Products”) to Internet Users browsing the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). For the application of the present GCS, it is agreed that the User and HORMETA S.A. will be collectively referred to as the “Parties” and individually referred to as the “Party”, and the User having confirmed an order will then be referred to as the “Buyer”. The rights and obligations of the User will necessarily apply to the Buyer.

It is hereby specified that the Products are destined for the User’s personal use, with no direct relation to the latter’s professional activity. 

The User who wishes to purchase on the Site, affirms having full legal capacity. The company HORMETA S.A. cannot check the legal capacity of the User or the Buyer. As a result, in the event that a Buyer who does not have legal capacity orders Products on the Site, his legal representatives will assume full responsibility for the purchase and in particular, ensure payment.

ARTICLE 1. Purpose 

The purpose of the present General Conditions of Sale is to define, exclusively for the associations established over the internet and solely on the Site, the rights and obligations of the Parties born of the online sale of Products proposed on the Site. The Buyer declares having made themselves familiar with the contents herein prior to their order and that by ordering a Product on the Site their unconditional acceptance and prior and full adhesion to the present GCS and guarantees is implicit and prevails over any other document, other than special conditions explicitly agreed in writing by the company HORMETA S.A.

The company HORMETA S.A. reserves the right to make changes to the present T&Cs at any time, the GCS applicable to any order are those accepted by the Buyer at the time of confirming their order.

The present T&Cs are accompanied by the Personal Data & Cookie Charter.

ARTICLE 2. Products – Price – VAT

2.1. Products

Products proposed for sale by HORMETA S.A. are those featured on the Site at the time of visiting by the User, and within the limits of available stock. Photographs illustrating the products are not a part of the contractual scope.

2.2. Price

The Product prices are indicated in the currency relevant to each online boutique.

They include VAT in effect at the time of order. HORMETA S.A. reserves the right, and the User accepts, to change the prices at any time, although Products will be invoiced on the basis of tariffs in effect at the time of the order being placed, subject nevertheless to the availability of said Products. Any shipping costs will be invoiced in addition.

2.3. VAT

Pursuant to legislation in effect, VAT recovered from sales is reimbursed locally in each country. For this purpose, HORMETA S.A. is registered with local tax authorities under the following numbers:

FranceFR 363 952 696 73

ARTICLE 3. Placing and confirmation of an order

3.1. Browsing inside the Site

The User may browse freely through the different pages of the Site, without any obligation to commit to an order.

3.2. Placing an order

If the User wishes to place an order, they choose the different Products in which they are interested and manifest that interest by clicking on the button “Shop now”.

At any time, the User may review a summary of the Products chosen, or change their order by clicking on “View basket”.

A summary of the order will then appear on the screen. If the list presented indeed corresponds to the Products chosen, the User may continue their order by clicking on: “Proceed to checkout”. The User will then identify themselves, either by entering their e-mail address and password, if they are already a client, or by accurately completing the form made available, requiring the details necessary for their identification, in particular their surname, first name and postal address.

The User is informed and accepts that the entering of any identity signifies a proof of their identity and manifests their consent.

The User may, throughout the order process, change or correct the details entered such as the items in the basket, or the delivery and invoicing address before definitive confirmation of the order.

3.3. Definitive order confirmation –   Secure payments

Having reviewed their order, and once all the requested information has been completed by the User, they will choose the desired payment method. They should click on “Finalize the order” in order to definitively confirm their order.

The User can settle their purchases using the following payment methods:

CountryPayment platformAccepted payment methods
SwitzerlandStripeVisa, Mastercard
FranceStripe, PaypalVisa, Mastercard

All the information exchanged for the handling of payment is encrypted using the S.S.L. protocol. (Secure Socket Layer)

This data can neither be detected, intercepted nor used by third parties. These certifications ensure that the operational processes and technical solutions used by STRIPE comply with the strictest of criteria in terms of secure exchanges and the protection of bank details. At no time do the User’s bank details transit via HORMETA S.A.’s computer system.

As soon as payment is authorized, the order is registered and becomes binding, without prejudice to the right of withdrawal (the terms of which are described below). The User thus becomes the Buyer. The order slip is registered in the computer records of HORMETA S.A., themselves stored on a reliable and durable support, and will be considered as proof of contractual relations agreed between the Parties. The Buyer ensures that they are fully authorized to use the payment card used, that the latter is currently valid and is able to access sufficient funds to cover all the costs required for the settlement of the order.

3.4. Order confirmation

Once the Buyer has authorized payment, a summary of the order will be sent to them via e-mail, at the address provided by the Buyer upon identification, prior to the placing of the order. In the event of error in entering the e-mail address or more generally, the non-reception of the order summary, the company HORMETA S.A. will not be held liable. 

This order confirmation will summarize the following elements: the terms of payment, of delivery and, where relevant, the delivery costs, the nature of the Product(s) ordered, the terms and conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal. – the address where the Buyer may present their claims, details relative to after sales and sales guarantees.

If the order confirmation is not received within 24 hours of the order having been placed, the Buyer should contact our Customer Services using the contact form. Likewise, if the Buyer has a question relating to previous orders, they may contact HORMETA S.A.  using the same form.

ARTICLE 4. Delivery

4.1. Delivery costs

The order will be carried out at the very latest within thirty (30) days following the day after confirmation of the order by the Buyer.

List of delivery zones and tariffs:

CountryShippingTariffFree shipping from
SwitzerlandEconomy postageCHF 6.50CHF 40.00
SwitzerlandFirst class postageCHF 12
Mainland France, Corsica, Monaco (excluding French overseas departments and territories)DPD Predict & DPD Drop-off€6.50€40.00
Mainland France, Corsica, Monaco (excluding French overseas departments and territories)Chronopost Express** €12.00

These tariffs are provided including all taxes.

4.2. Terms of delivery

At Product reception, the Buyer will check Product conformity. Any anomaly concerning delivery (Product missing or broken, damaged packaging, etc.) must be reported by the Buyer and must be notified, on the same day as reception or at the latest the first working day following reception, to HORMETA S.A. Customer Services, by completing the contact form. 

Any claim made after this period will be rejected and HORMETA S.A. will be released of any liability. In the event of an anomaly observed in the packaging or the Product(s), and after having reported this to HORMETA S.A. in the aforementioned period. 

The Buyer must return the Product(s) in its original packaging according to the terms set out under article 5 “Right of withdrawal” defined hereinafter and within a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of reception of the order. 

To carry out the return, the Buyer must make the request via the contact form by selecting the cause “Returns & Refunds” and by specifying the order number and the Product(s) concerned and the reason for the return. 

HORMETA S.A. reserves the right to check the Product(s) returned, to examine the reason for the claim and as a result, to proceed or not with the free replacement of the Product(s) without any compensation being due. In the event that the Product ordered is unavailable, the Buyer will be informed of this unavailability. With the Buyer’s consent, they will be offered a Product of similar quality and price. Failing to obtain the Buyer’s consent, the latter will be, if necessary, refunded within thirty (30) days at most for the sums paid.

HORMETA S.A. declines all responsibility in the event of failure to deliver or delays in delivery due to a case of force majeure, caused by a third-party or an error made by the Buyer. In the event of delayed delivery, the Buyer must inform HORMETA S.A. Customer Services as quickly as possible using the contact form.

ARTICLE 5. Right of withdrawal

The Buyer has a period of fourteen (14) clear days in which to inform HORMETA S.A. of its desire to withdraw. This period runs from the day of reception of the order. The Buyer, in order to exercise this right of withdrawal, must inform HORMETA S.A. in writing of its decision to withdraw within this period.

The Buyer may use the contact form by selecting the cause “Returns & Refunds” and by specifying the order number and the Product(s) concerned and the reason for the return.

The Buyer must then restore, at their expense, the Product(s) in their original packaging, within fourteen (14) days at most following communication of their decision to withdraw, to the following address: 

SwitzerlandHORMETA SA – Route de Gilly 15, 1182 Gilly
FranceHORMETA France SARL – Immeuble Jean-Baptiste Say, 13B Chemin du Levant, 01210 Ferney Voltaire

When the fourteen-(14)-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday, bank holiday or public holiday, it is prolonged until the next working day. For health and safety reasons, and pursuant to the French Consumer Code, Products that have been opened by the Buyer following delivery will not be subject to a right of withdrawal nor of refunding.

If the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled, HORMETA S.A. will refund the Buyer with the totality of sums paid, as rapidly as possible and at the latest within the fourteen-(14)-day period following the date upon which HORMETA S.A. was informed by the Buyer of their decision to withdraw. HORMETA S.A. reserves the right to defer refunding until recovery of the Product(s). The initial shipping costs are included, with the exception of the costs of return which remain at the expense of the Buyer.

ARTICLE 6. Personal Data

The company HORMETA S.A. respects your preoccupations concerning protection of your private life and personal data.

Your personal data is collected and is subject to handling by the company HORMETA S.A. Within the framework of online sales, provision of some personal data is obligatory, this information being required for the handling and delivery of orders as well as for the establishment of invoices. This information is strictly confidential.

Failure to provide it will lead to the automatic rejection of the order. Some data can also be used in order to send you information and/or special offers on brand Products.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978 amended, and the EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, the User has a right of access to their data, of information, of opposition, of rectification, of limitation, of portability and of deletion of data pertaining to them.

The Buyer also has a right to formulate and communicate directives relative to the outcome of their personal data after their death and to present a claim with a competent authority. In order to exercise one or more of these rights, the Buyer must complete the contact form available on the Site.

All the commitments of the company HORMETA S.A. in terms of personal data protection are available on the Management of cookies page.

ARTICLE 9. Limitation of liability

No Party will be liable for the non-execution, total or partial, of their obligations in virtue of this contract, if that non-execution is caused by an event constituting a case of force majeure. Considered as cases of force majeure are events that fulfill the criteria set out by the jurisprudence.

The Party invoking an event constituting a case of force majeure should notify the other Party within five working days following the occurrence or the threat of this event. The Parties agree that they should confer as rapidly as possible in order to determine together the terms of carrying out the order over the duration of the case of force majeure.

ARTICLE 10. Partial non-validity

If one or more of the provisions herein is/are considered non-valid or deemed as such through the application of a law, a regulation or following a definitive decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other provisions will retain their full force and effect.

ARTICLE 11. Integral Contract 

The present GCS and the summary of the order sent to the Buyer make up a contractual whole and constitute the entirety of the contractual relationship between the Parties. Should there be any contradiction between these documents, the present GCS will prevail.

ARTICLE 12. Intellectual Property

The present GCS and the summary of the order sent to the Buyer make up a contractual whole and constitute the entirety of the contractual relationship between the Parties. Should there be any contradiction between these documents, the present GCS will prevail.

The brand HORMETA S.A., the Site and all the elements that compose it (such as, in particular, labels, logos, photographs, images, illustrations, texts, slogans, videos, Site structure) are the exclusive property of the company HORMETA S.A., solely authorized to use the associated intellectual property rights and moral rights, or of the intellectual property rights holder concerned.

Any whole or partial reproduction and/or representation, use, adaptation or modification of the Site or of one of the elements that compose it, on any support whatsoever and in any form whatsoever, is expressly forbidden, without prior written authorization from the company HORMETA S.A. 

The creation of hypertext links directed towards the Site can only be realized with the prior written consent of the company HORMETA S.A.

ARTICLE 13. Applicable Law – Competent Jurisdiction

The sale of Products from the company HORMETA S.A. is subject to Swiss law irrespective of the country of residence of the Buyer or the location from which the order is placed. 

Any dispute relative to the existence, the interpretation, the execution or the breach of the contract agreed between HORMETA S.A. and the Buyer, even in the case of multiple defendants, will be, in the absence of an amicable solution, dealt with exclusively by the competent Swiss courts in application of the rules decreed by the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure.

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