Where does the name Hormeta come from?

Hormeta is derived from the concept of hormesis, in Greek, a phenomenon characterized by a positive reaction of the organism in response to low amplitude elements and stimulations.


Hormeta personifies the control of a right concentration of trace elements.

"Thus, they are essential to our health."

Without trace elements, life would be impossible.

Trace elements are minerals that are naturally present in trace quantities the human body and are essential in activating vital body functions.


They are essential for the proper functioning of the cells by participating in particular in their growth, their balance and preserving their integrity.

Trace elements, essential allies for the skin.

Trace elements are highly involved in skin natural defense mechanisms allowing to strengthen the epidermal barrier and fight against free radicals, responsible for skin aging.


Because it is constantly exposed, the skin is under particular threat from environmental aggressions. If it has to cope daily with risks of dehydration and alteration of the epidermis protective function, it has especially to defend against oxidative stress.

Trace elements, a priority for the skin.

Our organism has natural antioxidant protective systems made up of enzymes and trace elements to repair the alterations caused by free radicals.


These highly reactive small oxidizing molecules attack the deep structures of our cells. When they are produced in excess, the balance between oxidative processes and skin’s natural repair mechanisms is broken.


The resulting oxidative stress plays a key role in skin aging.

Trace elements, essential benefits for the skin

Manganese helps to stimulate the energy production of the cells and intervenes in maintaining skin elasticity.


Zinc soothes, reduces excess sebum and supports skin repair.


Magnesium is also involved in maintaining skin elasticity and accelerates the repair of the skin barrier.


Silicium encourages the synthesis of collagen and elastin, helps skin repair and contributes to hydration.


Copper supports the protection of the skin against UV radiations.


Hormeta, Swiss creators of Oligocosmetics

Pioneers in this field, the Swiss HORMETA Laboratories had the idea to introduce trace elements in cosmetic products.


Since 1949, they have been developing unique complexes combining the benefits of specific trace elements in highly effective skincare products.


Discover the story of HORMETA Laboratories.

The Hormeta expertise: an exclusive complex of trace elements

With its expertise and know-how, Hormeta has chosen to combine 5 trace elements: zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, and silicium.


As a result, Oligocos-5 is created and provide the skin with answers adapted to its needs by helping to hydrate and strengthen the barrier function, protecting it against free radicals and promoting the healing process of the epidermis.


This complex has been tested with scientific studies demonstrating its remarkable benefits.

Oligocos-5: proven efficacy

Essential key to the HORMETA skin cares, the Oligocos-5 complex restores et reinforces the main skin functions.

Rebalanced and strenghtened, the skin is ready to receive all the benefits of complementary ingredients selected by the HORMETA research department.

  1. 01. Moisturize

    An increased skin hydration

    A measurement of the activity of specific genes responsible for the proteins production involved in the constitution of the NMF (natural moisturizing factors) and the formation of the horny layer of the epidermal cells, showed the capacity of the Oligocos-5 complex to stimulate these genes’ expression and thus its ability to improve the moisturizing function and the epidermal barrier structure.

  2. 02. Protect

    An anti-free radicals protection

    In a study measuring the antioxidant activity of the Oligocos-5 complex against free radicals produced after UVB irradiation (imitating sun effects), it has been demonstrated that this specific association of 5 trace elements increases the cells’ resistance to the oxidative stress induced by UV.

  3. 03. Repair

    A boosted healing activity

    An evaluation of the closing time of a wound and a measurement of the cell recolonization surface demonstrated that the Oligocos-5 complex stimulates the dermal cells migration, thus promoting skin repair.

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