The hydra-smoothing mist

A light mist enriched with trace elements, hyaluronic acid and water from the Swiss Alps to moisturize, smooth the skin and refresh the complexion.

Global Anti-aging

Your anti-aging secret !

Drawing from the rich mineral and vegetal of Swiss Nature, our research and development have concentrated all the essence our unique “savoir-faire” and created an exceptional skincare collection adorned with the most precious ingredients.


Moisture for radiance

Get the essentials from nature for skin that is full of water, recharged with nutrients and helps to keep its youth and vitality longer. Enriched with the specific HORMETA trace element complex, HormeAQUA products contain essential active ingredients

Swiss creators of Oligocosmetics

Our secret, an exclusive complex of trace elements, enriched with key active ingredients and plant extracts, selected for a beautiful radiant skin.

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