Trace Elements, skin’s key allies

Perfected through years of research, HORMETA products are enriched with trace elements, providing a tailored solution to each and every skin type.

Trace elements are minerals that occur naturally in the human body in trace quantities and are essential in activating vital bodily functions and ensuring cells function healthily : they help cell growth and balance and help preserve cell integrity. Trace elements play a key anti-oxidant role by reinforcing skin’s natural defense mechanisms. Thanks to their combined effects, they have an incredible ability to boost hydration and prevent skin aging.

Unique Products and Expertise

Depending on the specific need, five trace elements (cooper, manganese, zinc, silicium and magnesium) are carefully measured and combined in precise concentrations to enable total synergy. Tailored to suit each specific dermatological issue, HORMETA’s exclusive trace element complexes help maintain perfectly balanced and nourished skin.

Honing their sense of tradition and authenticity, HORMETA draws on the rich mineral and vegetal diversity of Switzerland’s natural environment to select high-performance active ingredients and natural plant extracts to include in the development of their uniqueformulas.

Incredibly effective performance from tailor-made products for balanced, glowing skin that radiates beauty.