HORMETA’s universe


The story of this prestigious brand has his roots in the overlooking Lake Geneva.

In 1949, the chemist, herbalist and researcher Maurice Chaponnier uncovered the incredible effect of trace elements on the human organism and specifically, the skin.

A pioneer in his field, he decided to incorporate trace elements into cosmetic products, and founded the HORMETA Laboratories.

Today, this family-run company continues the work initiated by its founder. The first and only range of products to incorporate trace elements while respecting their optimum concentration levels, HORMETA products help strengthen skin’s capacity to fight oxidative stress and slow down the signs of cutaneous aging.

Equipped with their own research and manufacturing unit, the HORMETA Laboratories remain innovators in the use of trace elementsand continue to perfect exclusive complexes. Drawing on their expertise and sense of excellence, they offer a full range of tailored, prestigious and effective products that meet a variety of cutaneous needs.