Our anti-aging expertise constantly leads us to explore all its aspects and causes; and among them, the effects of pollution are predominant and increasingly present. Urbanization, air pollutants, fine particles … beauty is asphyxiated, out of breath.
Cultivating our sense of forward thinking and excellence we have chosen, with HORMETMCITY, to go further in the prevention of skin aging and to offer women the promise of a daily targeted protection.
In the heart of the Swiss Alps, the HORMETA research has opened an oxygenating window on the urban jungle by combining the performance of new generation active ingredients with fresh and light textures in a range of anti-pollution treatments.

Anti-pollution Innovation: HORMETMCITY.

HORMETA Laboratories launch HORMETMCITY, an anti-pollution protective program to prevent damages caused by air pollutants and preserve the skin natural youth.
Enriched with HORMETA Oligocos-5 complex, HORMETMCITY products offer to dull and asphyxiated complexions the ideal response to restore the skin’s its natural freshness and brightness.

Protection + Antioxidation + Oxygenation.

Anti-particles Prime Serum
Significant « anti-adhesion » protection.

A protective serum to filter out the harmful effects of pollution. Effective protection against PM2.5 fine particles to prevent adhesion and transcutaneous penetration of fine particles and environmental pollutants, prevent premature aging and revive the radiance of the complexion.

Antioxidant City Cream
Significant anti-pollution efficacy.

The essential cream designed for women about town to protect skin from the harmful effects of air pollution and stimulate the natural defense mechanisms of the skin against oxidative stress. The perfect antidote to dull, tired complexions in a cream that restores skin’s natural glow, fight against the tissues glycation and prevent skin aging.

Pro-oxygen Sleeping Gel
Significant cellular re-oxygenation.

A night mask that works like a blast of fresh air to revitalize skin, boost cellular respiration and reinvigorate the epidermal matrix. A new anti-stress gesture to blur signs of fatigue and restore the skin’s firmness and suppleness.


To develop ever more demanding formulas, the HORMETA research has selected the quintessence of Swiss Nature and next-generation active ingredients, to combine them in unique galenics, water packed formulas, adapted to the needs of woman about town.

Organic Swiss butterfly bush and thyme extracts
Provides an anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals protection and an «anti-pollution» action against the harmful effects of ozone.

Vitamin E and stabilized Vitamin C
Have anti-oxidant and brightening properties, to revive the radiance of the complexion.

Rice bran oil
Exceptionally rich oil in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules.

Anti-pollution specific netting
Protects from oxidative stress, limits the adhesion of fine particles, and neutralizes heavy metals.

Anti-glycation peptid
Prevent and repair the damages caused by pollution and restore the firmness of the dermis.

Energizing and oxygen providing complex
Stimulates cell metabolism and respiration, helps to smooth facial features and protects the skin from glycation.